Search engine optimization

As we always emphasize, the process of website optimization is crucial for SEO, because it makes it possible to follow all the guidelines provided by Google. Before taking any other actions, every aspect of a domain should be perfectly elaborated, so that it could be ranked higher by a search engine. There are some of the most significant methods, used by our agency:

  • Taking care of valuable content

    We check if the texts placed on a website are unique and we usually expand them, sometimes also by adding new thematic articles. It should always be remembered to include the chosen keywords into the content naturally, so that the final effect would be both attractive for a user and approachable for a search engine.

  • Placing the appropriate headings

    This is a great opportunity to enrich your content with keywords additionally. For example, above a list of trips, provided by a travel agency, we can write “Cheap Holidays in Europe” - it looks normally and, at the same time, helps to match a consumer's inquiry with a particular enterprise's offer.

  • ALT attributes optimization

    The pictures placed on a website are eye-catching for a human being, but not available for a search engine. However, it could be changed by the addition of ALT attributes, which are invisible while browsing a page, but readable for Google. What is more, in this way, your website is adapted for blind users, who can find out what particular illustrations show with the help of special software.

  • The arrangement of redirections

    It happens that a search engine sees the same content on two different addresses, identifying it as a duplicate with no fault on the owner's side. For this reason, we re-arrange the structure of a website, making it possible for Google to index it properly.

  • Sitemap

    Thanks to the sitemap.xml file, search engines can read new pages faster and add them to their indexes earlier. As a result, they will be able to appear on Google results lists for particular keywords typed by users more probably.

  • The elimination of inadequacies

    It is possible that your website is already breaking the rules provided by Google, even without your intentions and knowledge. You should remember that such violations can be identified at any moment, what may end up with serious fines imposed on a domain. Therefore, in the process of our advanced website optimization, we will detect and eliminate any possible errors quickly, what will protect you from really unfavourable consequences

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