SEO packages

Specification / Package type




in months
adequate to your offer ("long tail")
up to 3 keywords up to 6 keywords up to 9 keywords
Site Analysis
based on the latest standards of the Google search engine
action for selected thematic pages
SEO Copywriting
preparation of new content for the selected key phrases
up to 2 texts up to 3 texts up to 5 texts
unique entries in high quality directories
Valid for 6 months
Continuous Optimization
in case of the Google algorithm update
Integration with Google Search Console
additional administrative tools
Google Analytics
installation on demand
Google My Business
creation a new and/or optimization of current business card
Website Performance Monitoring
automatic notifications are sent if the site does not work
Virus/Hack Detection System
notification of break-ins and page files infections
Validity domain checker
automatic notification of the impending end of the annual fee
Customer Panel
monitoring of positions on demand, access to monthly reports
monthly reports on the achieved position in search results
percentage discount for another service
10% 20%
Price for 1 month*
net price
55 €/£ 90 €/£ 150 €/£
Total price for the package*
net price
165 €/£ 270 €/£ 450 €/£

We understand that for a start, you would like to check our competences in search engine optimization, thus we prepared special SEO packages, lasting for 3 months, which make it possible for you to start cooperation with us without the obligation to sign a long-term contract.

Even in such a short time, we are able to take proper actions which will result in better rankings of your website. Moreover, we will have to opportunity to find out how beneficial the chosen keywords are in a particular case. This will help us to advice you on keeping, expanding or changing the phrases. In this way, it is possible to elaborate the most efficient strategies of a SEO service.

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